#ShowYourWork—Riley is Making Me Crazy

"All Riled Up" (The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos), by Elizabeth BaroneI’m having trouble with “All Riled Up,” the short story I am planning to treat my email list to. Specifically, I’m having a hard time getting a handle on Riley’s character. I want her to come off as vulnerable. I’m not sure whether that’s coming through, though. She’s taking a pretty promiscuous approach to finding love. Beta readers gave me varying opinions, which means it’s open to interpretation. I guess at this point, I need to just “be done with it” and let readers decide.

“Be done with it.”
-Skye Taylor

Usually, when a story is giving me this much lip, I put it away and move on. I really like this one, though. Plus, readers of The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos specifically asked for more Riley! Quite a few people wanted to know why she dropped off Max’s radar. I thought it would be fun to tackle that question in a side adventure. I knew what she was up to, but Max never finds out. He’s too busy with his own problems—and so is she.

I just need a little more time with this one. Bear with me! I will get it to you. :)

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A Big Announcement About Me & My Books

Guess Who's Getting a Makeover?

About a month back, I submitted one of my novels to Booktrope for consideration. Booktrope is a hybrid publisher, combining the best elements from both self- and traditional publishing. They carefully review submissions and choose books that they think will benefit from their services. They also choose books that they think have potential in the industry.

I submitted a proposal for my debut novel, Sade on the Wall. It was accepted!

Booktrope will be re-publishing Sade on the Wall, giving it a fresh coat of paint. There will be some changes, though.

  • The book will be re-published under a new pen name, Kaylene Campbell. This is to keep my New Adult work separated from my Young Adult work.
  • Because NA is very different from YA and because there has been some confusion about my work in the past, all of my YA books will be published under the name Kaylene Campbell from here on out. My NA books will remain under the name Elizabeth Barone.
  • Fun Fact: My full, legal name is Elizabeth Kaylene Campbell. Barone is my maiden name.
  • The book will go through a new editor and proofreader to polish it up and make it even better than before. The story will remain the same.
  • There may be some other changes. I’d like to keep the title, but my collaborative team at Booktrope may come up with something I love even more. In the past, there has been confusion on how to pronounce it. (Sigh. Poor Sade.)
  • My agreement with Booktrope is only for the one book. All of my other books will remain as is. (At the moment, Sade on the Wall is my only YA title, but I am currently working on a new YA series. More details about that soon!)

I’ve thought long and hard about this decision. Booktrope seems like a great fit, and I am very excited about this move. It’s a great business decision—especially for this book. Sade on the Wall is very special to me, because it is partially based on my own experiences. I’ve long had a hard time marketing it, though, because it’s a coming of age story and doesn’t fit into any specific genre. It’s not a romance, it’s not a mystery. It’s more literary than anything else, and those types of books are by default harder to market. Working with Booktrope will connect me with professionals who will be able to help me improve the book’s reach.

This particular deal only includes Sade on the Wall, and any other deals I may make with them depend on how well this goes. I’m not obligated to work with them on any future projects—but I can, if I choose to.

Overall, I believe that this is a smart move for me, and I’m really excited to share this process with you! Watch the whole thing unfold at Kaylene Campbell’s blog. You can also like her on Facebook—er, me. She is me. :D

Do you have any questions that I didn’t address? Leave a comment and I’ll answer!

Cover Reveal Signups for DIVING INTO HIM!

I just got my hands on the cover for Diving Into Him, the first book in my new series, South of Forever. I’m pretty much dying to share it with everyone, because it is gorgeous. Designer Starla Huchton really outdid herself with this one. I mean, it is stunning, you guys.

Because this cover is so fabulous and I am so excited about this series, I’d like to do a big cover reveal across the web.

What is a cover reveal? It’s an unveiling of the cover design, usually shared by a group of people. If you sign up to do a cover reveal, for example, you help share the design. The goal is to create buzz for the book.

If you’d like to help out, all you need is a Facebook or Twitter account, or a blog. Bonus points if you have all three! ;) On Tuesday, May 12th, you share the cover everywhere you can, and invite people to check it out in one of three ways:

Sign up using the form below. If you sign up, you will be automatically entered to win a signed proof copy of the book—before it even comes out!