Contemporary New Adult Fiction that Makes Your Twenties Feel Less Lonely

Tired of the same old New Adult?

You know that, in real life, your twenties are full of pitfalls.
You need fiction that you can identify with as you grow.

My mission is to write New Adult fiction that lets you know you aren’t alone.
-Elizabeth Barone

Realistic Stories, with Empowering Messages

The New Adult Fiction You Actually Want

Problems that 20-somethings Actually Deal With

Elizabeth’s readers love her stories because of the message of prevailing hope, even in the worst times. You won’t just fall in love with her books—you’ll also look at your twenties in a whole new way. Check out her books. There’s nothing wrong with the happily-ever-after or romance-driven New Adult that’s on the market. It can be a refreshing break from real life, but when you’re feeling down, you need characters that you can actually relate to. Elizabeth’s stories are a powerful mix of HBO’s Girls and Friends. Click here to get free ebooks. Your twenties are some of the most exciting—and depressing—times of your life. Learn how to embrace your failures and live your best life. Check out 26 of the topics that Elizabeth’s stories tackle.

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