New Adult Fiction for People with Real Problems

Sex. Drugs. And… Boys Bands?!

Now Available: The ESX Series

Amplified (ESX #1), by Elizabeth Barone Tempo (ESX #2), by Elizabeth Barone Bridge (ESX #3), by Elizabeth Barone

Boy band pretty boy Koty Jackson has had enough. He wants out of ESX, and he wants out now. But will ESX and their management team let him go?

ESX is a rock ‘n’ roll romance about a man who wants to be a respected musician, the woman who steals his heart, and the hurdles they must leap on their climb to the top.

Tired of the Same Old New Adult?

I will write about how much it sucks to be a new adult. I won’t write empty wannabe porn that pretends to be NA.

—Elizabeth Barone

If you like your New Adult edgy, with character-driven drama and a pinch of romance, you’ve come to the right place. Elizabeth Barone writes New Adult fiction for people with real problems—stories that explore exactly what it means to being a twenty-something. From a celebrity who hates his job to two sisters fighting mental illness, every one of Elizabeth’s books promises to be unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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