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I started writing to save my life, but kept writing to help you make it through, too. Life is full of bruises, but even when you make mistakes or fall to the bottom, there is always love. Learn more about me and my books »

New Release—The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos

The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos, by Elizabeth BaroneShe took his spare bedroom, then she stole his heart.

His chance had arrived. If he was ever going to make a move, there would never be a better time. Taking a deep breath, he pulled away from the embrace slightly, turning his face toward hers. His heart was a thundering drum beat in his ears, his blood shooting through his veins. Lips trembling, he leaned in close.

His lips brushed empty air as her arms parted from his and she bent over to retrieve the canvas. Dancing across the room, she tucked the painting of the Christmas tree behind the pile of gifts, against the wall.

He stood frozen on the other side of the room, fear racing through his system. Maybe she didn’t want to kiss him. Maybe he had blown it. Closing his eyes, he shut away tears. Of course she didn’t want to kiss him. He was her boss. He needed to start acting like it.

Opening his eyes again, he found her standing in front of him, another canvas in her arms. She held it out to him, her dark eyes wide and vulnerable.


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