20-Something Questions: Chasing Love or Climbing Ladders

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Welcome to the third installment of 20-Something Questions, a weekly feature where NA authors writing all genres answer one real-life New Adult question.

This week was kind of a bust, unfortunately. I think I forgot to send out the email, and with the holiday weekend I was away from my office and totally missed the deadline myself. C’est la vie, right? It feels kind of awkward to answer all by my lonesome, but I love this feature and don’t want to lose momentum.

What was your real life New Adult love life like? Did you chase The One or were you laser focused on a career or hobby?

Elizabeth BaroneI was single for the first time in years when I graduated high school. I’d just walked away from two back-to-back toxic relationships, and was so not interested in dating. My plan was to enjoy the summer and get ready for college. Then this sexy, tall man with the most intense blue eyes I’d even seen walked into my life. I tried to resist him but he drove me crazy in the best possible way. For months, my best friend was on the edge of her seat, not knowing whether we would end up together. It was straight out of a NA romance novel.

Meanwhile, I was determined to build my career as a web designer. Balancing work, school, clients, and romance was not easy, but seven years later, I walked down the aisle and straight into his arms. My career plans changed abruptly when we were still dating, but through it all he’s always cheered me on and understood that my work is my passion. Who knew I could have the best of both worlds?

Elizabeth Barone

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