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Contemporary New Adult Suspense & Romance

Photo © 2013 Sandra Cox

Photo © 2013 Sandra Cox

My name is Elizabeth Barone. I write contemporary New Adult suspense and romance. My stories are about young adults who are trying to figure out their twenties.

I believe that New Adult fiction should work harder for you. Your twenties are the most important years of your life—the foundation for everything that comes after, and part of being a twenty-something is learning how to jump over life’s hurdles, even if you get scraped up. Finding love is an important part of your twenties—but not the only part.

The most important thing you can do in your twenties is figure out who you are and what you want.

I started writing contemporary New Adult because I have always turned to fiction for comfort in hard times. I believe that stories should help you through whatever you’re dealing with. My fiction focuses on issues that twenty-somethings struggle with, such as anxiety, relationships, and continuing your education.

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I write drama with depth and grit, filled with realistic, three-dimensional characters dealing with real problems. My stories will suck you in and keep you riveted until the very end.

If you’ve never read any of my books, start with Amplified, the first book in my ESX series.

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Here’s What Readers Like You are Saying About My Books

“[Elizabeth Barone does] an excellent job at grabbing your attention and not having any lulls in the storyline so you want to read it start to finish and still want more.” -Kelly Pestritto

“…a very gifted author with insight into the issues of […] growing up.” -Boyd Clark

“It’s amazing how quickly [Elizabeth Barone] can make you feel for the characters.” -Tracie Puckett


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Amplified (ESX #1), by Elizabeth Barone

More of My Story

Signing autographed copies for Barnes & Noble shelves.

Signing autographed copies for Barnes & Noble shelves.

If someone told me at eighteen that I would be writing fiction full-time, I would have called them crazy. I always loved writing, but I grew up in a crumbling city where parents raised their children to pursue steady, secure jobs. As high school wound to an end, I had no idea what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The only thing I was interested in, besides writing, was web design. Even though I graduated Kaynor Tech’s Culinary Arts program, the last thing I wanted to do was cook commercially. So, I went to community college and studied digital arts. I figured that building websites and designing logos for small businesses and nonprofits was a safe bet. For five years, it was—but I hated it.

I decided to pursue my writing career, but I was terrified of losing a secure income. I played it safe and took a part-time job. When, in early 2014, I lost my job, I panicked… and then I realized that it was time to take a leap of faith. I started writing full-time and embarked on a journey to publish something new every month.

My story is far from finished—and neither is yours. Together, we can make mistakes while we figure things out. Your twenties are all about pursuing your dreams and building your life, one brick at a time.


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