Release & Production Schedule—Spring & Summer 2015

Release Schedule

I’ve mentioned some of these things to my email list and on my secret Facebook group, but figured I’d give you a little more info.

What I’m Working On Now

I finished “All Riled Up” the other day. It’s a short story starring Riley from The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos that I am only giving to my email list. The story is with beta readers and should be available for Barone’s Belles sometime in April. (If you’re not part of Barone’s Belles already, you should sign up now.)

Today I finished the outline for Savannah’s Song, the second book in the South of Forever series. It’s a whopping 23 pages and 4,000+ words long. In a few minutes, I’ll be writing the first chapter. :D

I’ve also started outlining the third and fourth books in the South of Forever series.

In my spare time—ha!—I am working on a side project under a pen name. I’ll have more info for you on that… soon. ;)

Diving Into Him (South of Forever, Book 1)
Coming August 2nd, 2015

I finished the first draft at the beginning of this month. I’ll be reading through it and sending it out to beta readers soon. I’ve more or less secured an editor for it for June. Pretty soon, I’ll be sending it over to my cover designer. I should have it up for pre-order by the beginning of June, but things may change, so don’t hold me to that!

Other News

I’m thinking about publishing Secondhand Mom, for the hell of it. It was a 72,000-word novel that is now a 40,000-word novella. It killed me to cut so much, but it is a stronger story now. I was thinking that I might beef it back up to at least 50,000 words, to make it a novel, but I simply don’t have the time in my production schedule. I’m going to put it to a vote in the Barone’s Belles secret Facebook group, and let it go from there.

That’s all for now. What are you most excited about? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Free Short Story: “All Riled Up” (Cover Reveal)

I kept getting requests for more Riley, Max’s best friend in The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos. Readers really seem to like her spunky personality. Because the novel is written in third-person limited, readers don’t get to know the other characters beyond what Max knows. We can guess that something is probably up with Riley, but because Max never finds out is too oblivious to ask, we don’t get the 411. Riley pretty much demanded a side adventure of her own, so I let her loose.

I’m not responsible for her actions. ;)

"All Riled Up" (The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos), by Elizabeth Barone

The short story is currently with beta readers, but you can read a blurb and sign up to receive a free copy here.

Give me your predictions! What do you think Rie is up to?

Get to Know J.C. Hannigan, Author of Collide

I met J.C. Hannigan back when I first started blogging on my own domain, when I was still in college and trying to figure it all out. Her blog, Sarcastica, was one of the first blogs I started reading, and she was one of the first people to read and comment on mine (Perpetual Smile). Little did we know that our friendship would blossom and that we would eventually embark on writing careers, side by side.

J.C.’s books are edgy, full of realistic characters with good hearts—even when they make bad decisions. Her characters are more like real people that you can relate to. She is definitely an author to watch. Check out this interview I did with her for a chance to win a copy of her first novel!

Collide, by J.C. HanniganThe main character of your books, Harlow, is spunky, headstrong, and sarcastic. (After reading too many books with Mary Sues, she’s seriously a breath of fresh air.) Who or what inspired her character? Is Harlow based on anyone real?

Thank you! Harlow is one of those characters that comes out of nowhere and hits you full force. She wasn’t spun from anyone, but appeared suddenly and is completely her own. Some people think I wrote Harlow after me, but I’m a VERY tame Harlow. I’m sarcastic and stubborn, but nowhere near Harlow’s badass level. I guess if anything… Harlow is someone I wished I could be when I was younger.

In the first book, Collide, Harlow is a high school student. In the next book, we see her in her second year of college. Most New Adult books thrust the reader straight into the main character’s college experience. It was exhilarating to get a sense of Harlow’s high school experience before following her into University. Were there any particular challenges in transitioning your character from high school into adulthood?

Harlow’s always sort of done her own thing, what with the relationship she had with her mother and just her personality in general, so the transition wasn’t really difficult. For me, I LOVE writing about that final year of high school, because really…that’s where the big shift starts. It doesn’t start when you’re in college, but that last year of high school…when you know everything’s going to change.

You have two young, adorable boys, and a chronic pain illness. How do you balance motherhood, your health, and your writing?

Aw, thank you! They’re pretty cute. They get that from me ;) Hmm… how do I balance? Well… the truth is… I don’t. I suck at organizing my time, and I’m all over the place on a good day. But my husband picks up the slack when I get into “the zone”, and my kids are fairly good about it too.

It will be easier next year, when my youngest is in school full-time.

Who is your all-time favorite heroine? If she and Harlow went down in a fight, who would come out alive?

I’d have to choose Hermione Granger, and while it’d be an intense fight to watch (between both girls’ cleverness and stubborn attitudes), and although I think Harlow has the element of a hardened life on her side, I would have to say that she’d probably lose.

Let’s face it… Hermione has got the whole magic thing in her favor. It’s hard to kick someone’s ass when they’ve turned your legs into jelly.

How has your own love story influenced your writing? (You and the mister are just too sweet. Your pics always make me smile.)

Thanks! My own love story gives me the fuel for the chemistry. If I didn’t know what that kind of chemistry felt like, I would likely do a poor job writing scenes like that.

Will there be more books in the Collide series?

Just one more… I’m working on the third novel, Collateral, now. In Collateral, secrets will be revealed and Harlow’s trilogy will finally come full circle.

Consumed, by J.C. Hannigan

What are you working on next?

I’ve got several projects in the works right now. I’ve finished a two-part series called The Damaged Series, the first one, Damaged Goods, is releasing fall 2015.  Here’s a little blurb:

I wanted to go with him, wherever he wanted to take me…for however long. It was better than the silence, better than not being with him at all.

Everly Daniels can’t seem to fall out of love with Grayson Dixon.

Five years after locking eyes with him, Everly is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. He has a pull on her that she can’t seem to break, even if she wanted to. Grayson may be the love of her life, but he’s damaged goods. He’s built walls around himself that only Everly can breach. But Grayson knows he’s not the good guy. He’s reckless and careless, and even if Everly brings color to his life, he worries he’ll destroy her, and cares too much to let that happen.

She has always been the shy wallflower who is afraid to participate. But senior year, all of that is about to change.

The sequel, Reckless Abandon, will follow shortly after.

Currently, I’m working on getting those two books published as well as republishing Collide and Consumed. They’ll both get new covers and Collide will be available for print this summer!

In addition, I’m working on the third and final Collide novel. After that, I’ll be focusing on a few more projects I have brewing up in my mind.

J.C. HanniganJ.C. Hannigan lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, their two sons, and two dogs. She writes contemporary romance, through which she brings to light awareness of mental health and social challenges.

Like any good Canadian, she loves hiking and carbs.

Collide is her first novel. Learn more about her and her books at


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