Chicken in a Creamy Whiskey and Mustard Sauce

I was going to write about Mike’s and my first Christmas tree, but I didn’t get the chance to finish decorating tonight. So, instead, here’s a recipe!

We’ve been eating a lot of chicken—#starvingartistproblems—so I’ve been trying to keep it interesting. Mostly, I’ve been trying to keep Mike from using the words “Chicken again?!” I’ve been wanting to make a creamy sauce. So tonight I took the plunge. Actually, I was completely out of ideas and Googled “creative chicken recipes.” 😂

One thing led to another and I eventually stumbled upon this recipe. I didn’t have everything on hand, so I modified a couple of things.

1/2 c Jack Daniel’s instead of brandy or wine
3 tbsp dijon mustard only
1 tbsp maple syrup
1/2 c half and half instead of heavy cream
no chicken broth

I followed pretty much everything else. I think, next time, I’ll add more maple syrup to make it sweeter. Oh! The other thing I did differently was, I used a whisk. It makes a difference, trust me. It came out pretty good, but I definitely think it could’ve been a little sweeter.

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