Crazy Comes in Threes

Bad things always happen to Quinn in threes.

First her mother gets involuntarily committed to the behavioral disorder unit of the hospital. Then Quinn moves in with her new college roommates, only to find out that they are each as different as night and day. But the worst is yet to come: if Quinn can’t support her eleven-year-old sister, Tara will go into the foster care system, and she will never see her again.

Quinn devises a plan. She brings Tara to the dorms, telling her resident assistant and the desk attendant that her little sister is only spending the night. At first no one notices that Tara never actually goes home, but after a few days, Quinn’s roommates get suspicious. Tara’s social worker could stop by their house at any time and take Tara away forever. Quinn has to choose between her dream of living the college life, or Tara’s safety.

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