Facebook Meme: A Crazy Night Out

via Unsplash
via Unsplash

You and your friends go out to see the hot new band, South of Forever, but things don’t go quite as expected. Copy and paste, then tag your top nine friends on your profile.

Loses their ticket and can’t get into the venue:

Gets locked in the bathroom before the band goes on:

Has too much to drink and passes out during the show:

Tries to climb onstage and is escorted out by security:

Crowdsurfs all the way out to the parking lot for more tailgating:

Dives to catch the drumsticks and needs stitches:

Meets the band backstage but forgets to take pictures:

Yells out something embarrassing to the lead singer:

Sleeps with the band’s hot bassist but no one believes them:

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Elizabeth Barone is an American novelist who writes contemporary romance and suspense starring strong belles who chose a different path. Her debut novel Sade on the Wall was a quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. She is the author of the South of Forever series and several other books.

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