LesFic Reviews

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It’s important to me that I start reading more f/f romance, especially since I’d like to study it and learn how to write better lesfic. I’ve always enjoyed reading it, but I also feel like I haven’t read nearly enough. Hopefully this will be win/win for me.

I’ll be tracking here each of the f/f books I’ve read, along with links to my thoughts, if I have time to share them.

  • Black Iris, by Elliot Wake (previously published under Leah Raeder)
  • Blood: The Last Vampire 2000, by Benkyo Tamaoki
  • Cam Girl, by Elliot Wake (previously published under Leah Raeder)
  • Everything Between Us (The Pink Bean, Book 3), by Harper Bliss
  • The Gravity Between Us, by Kristen Zimmer
  • Kissing Kate, by Lauren Myracle
  • On the Count of Three, by Maureen Johnson (previously published as The Bermudez Triangle)