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On the Road Magazine recently sat down with Jett Costa, the powerhouse frontwoman of Perpetual Smile, to talk about her new band and what’s on the horizon ahead.

The twenty-six-year-old woman released multiple platinum-selling albums with Perpetual Smile and was set to go on a major national tour when tragedy struck. The band’s guitarist and Jett’s co-writer Phillip Hilton was diagnosed with terminal cancer, forcing Perpetual Smile to fill his shoes—and fast.

Hilton was a fan favorite and was beloved by his band mates, but his replacement Koty Jackson was quickly accepted. It seemed as though Perpetual Smile was about to blow up the rock scene, but Jett Costa’s battle with alcoholism forced the band to call off their tour—and caused them to lose their label’s support.

Now, one year later, Jett Costa is sober and determined to make it. She’s relocated to Boston, Massachusetts—one of the music capitals of the United States. Alongside Koty Jackson, she’s rebuilding her legacy.

On the Road: Jett, thank you so much for joining us here today.

Jett: Thank you for having me.

OTR: Musicians face a lot of hurdles in this industry, but it’s almost as if you’ve been pummeled these last couple of years. We’re so glad you’re back at it. Your new band—South of Forever, right?—is currently holding auditions. What’s it like, starting from scratch?

Jett: Yeah, South of Forever. You know, it’s weird, rebuilding. You have the choice to either reassemble the rubble or scrap it all and go in a completely different direction. We wanted to go a more bluesy, soulful route—lots of runs and bass. Take things to a deeper level with our lyrics—but still have fun, you know?

OTR: We? Oh, right, you’re working with Koty Jackson again. Previously, you and Phillip Hilton pretty much ran things with Perpetual Smile. You two had a lot of years of experience in the business and with each other. How does that compare to working with Koty?

Jett: Well, one thing that we’ll be doing differently is, there won’t be any female/male vocal interplay, like with Perpetual Smile. Maybe Koty will do some background vocals, but for the most part it’s gonna be me singing. *laughs* I really wanted to try something completely different, take things to the next level. There’s always something you can learn, you know?

OTR: Speaking of Koty, there were rumors of a relationship between the two of you. There were even some very suggestive photos leaked on Twitter. Are you still together? How does that affect your partnership?

Jett: There’s really nothing to say on that subject.

OTR: It seems like you’re avoiding the question. Fans are dying to know. Can you give us anything to go on here?

Jett: Any rumors you might’ve heard are just that. We’re very committed to making music.

OTR: Fair enough. So, if not Koty, is there anyone else special in your life?

Jett: My guitar.

OTR: Not budging on that, are we?

Jett: *smiles sweetly* *gives interviewer the finger*

OTR: All right, moving on. You’re holding auditions for South of Forever right here in Boston. What are you looking for?

Jett: South of Forever is going to have a lot of piano driven songs—completely different from anything I ever did in Perpetual Smile. So we’re looking for a strong keyboardist. We also need a bassist and drummer. We’re looking for musicians with experience in the industry—lots of it. I want to get a demo together and get signed right away. We’re used to being on tour constantly. If you play with us, you’d better be prepared!

OTR: Thank you, Jett.

To learn more about South of Forever, visit their website at

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