Services for Authors

Blurb Writing

You’ve finished your book, but now you have to write your blurb—the product description, the most difficult part of the entire publishing process. Let me help you craft a blurb that will grab readers’ interest and compel them to 1-Click purchase your book!

I will work closely with you to craft both a hook and blurb that you can use in your marketing and packaging. Simply send me your final, publish-ready manuscript and I will read your novel from start to finish. Then, when I’m intimately familiar with your story, I will write your enticing blurb from scratch.

Got a blurb that you’ve written but needs a little polish? I can do that for you, too.


  • Contemporary Romance
  • New Adult Romance
  • Young Adult Romance
  • Romantic Comedy
  • Suspense


  • New Blurb: $75
  • Blurb Polish: $25

Contact me today using my contact form or by emailing me directly at I invoice via PayPal.