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Recap: Signing at Lake Winnemaug Social Club!

Photo by Lauren Barone

Photo by Lauren Barone

This place is dreamy.

If you know me, you know that I am absolutely a water baby. The soft lap onto the shore soothes me like nothing else. I joke all the time that I should be a beach bum. Nowhere else truly feels so much like home.

So when I found out that we were going to be on the lake all day, I almost jumped for joy. I say “almost” because it’s kinda hard to jump with a bad hip. 😉 The day was gorgeous. The wind coming off the lake was a little brutal. I initially set up my banner but it nearly blew away.

Photo by Sandra Kostenko

Photo by Sandra Kostenko

My dear friend Sandy was my lovely assistant today. I can’t thank her enough for it. Not only did she help me set up, but she also fed me. My sister Lauren stopped by in solidarity. Then my sister-in-law Britt came down with our niece—and another PSL for me.

Only one of them is related to me by blood, but I am so grateful these three are my family.

Table setup

Table setup

I've got swag

I’ve got swag

This was the club’s first ever craft fair. Everyone was absolutely lovely. I chatted with a few of the other vendors and some shoppers. Not only did it feel amazing to set up shop, but it felt great to get out into the fresh air! After being sick all week and inside writing all summer, it was very refreshing.

I came home to all of the kitty love, too.

Squirt marking "my" stuff as hers

Squirt marking “my” stuff as hers

She greeted me at the door and snuggled with me for a bit before loping off to do whatever it is cats do. Sleep? Plot my death? Both? She’ll never tell.

All in all, it was a great day. I definitely plan on doing it again next year!

PS: Enter to win an autographed swag pack!

Fall 2015 Appearances & Signings

Here is a complete list of all of the places I will be appearing in the coming months. I will update this as I book new events.

Sunday, September 13th
What: Diving Into Him Release Party
Where: Online
RSVP: Facebook »
In celebration of the release of the first book in my South of Forever series, I’ll be hosting a release party from 7 to 11pm. There will be prizes and author takeovers.

Monday, September 14th
Sade on the Wall Release Party
Where: Facebook
RSVP: Facebook »
This is a release party for my YA debut, Sade on the Wall, republished under the name Kaylene Campbell by Booktrope Editions. There will be prizes and author takeovers.

Tuesday, September 15th
What: Damaged Goods Release Party
Where: Facebook
RSVP: Facebook »
This is a release party for my dear friend J.C. Hannigan’s Damaged Goods. You guys, this book is one of the best I’ve read lately. And that’s saying something, because I read a lot of books and I love them all. I’ll be doing a takeover from 6-6:30pm.

Friday, September 18th
What: A Maze in Grace Release Party
Where: Facebook
RSVP: Facebook »
This is a release party for Denise D’Errico’s A Maze in Grace, a collection of poetry. Denise has been one of my biggest cheerleaders and support on bad pain nights, so I wanted to support her. I’ll be doing a takeover from 8:30-9pm.

Saturday, September 26th
What: Vendor and Craft Fair
Where: Lake Winnemaug Social Club, 164 Cherokee Road, Watertown, CT 06795
RSVP: Facebook »
I’ll be at my very own booth signing copies of Sade on the Wall, The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos, and Crazy Comes in Threes. (More information about these books here and here.) The fair goes from 10am to 3pm.

Friday, October 16th through Sunday, October 18th
What: Rock and Shock
Where: DCU Center, 50 Foster Street, Worcester, Massachusetts
RSVP: Facebook »
I’ll be working a booth for my husband’s art at this horror and metal convention.

Friday, October 23rd
What: First Chapter Friday II
Where: Facebook
RSVP: Facebook »
Discover great new authors and win one-of-a-kind prizes at the second ever First Chapter Friday.

Monday, October 26th
What: Savannah’s Song Release Party
Where: Facebook
RSVP: Facebook »
In celebration of the second book in my South of Forever series, I’ll be hosting a fun-filled party full of prizes and author takeovers. This one goes from 7 to 11pm.

Friday, October 30th
What: Book Chat with Tracie and Lashell
Where: YouTube
I’ll be appearing on Book Chat with Tracie Puckett and Lashell Collins to talk about the South of Forever series at 8pm. Learn more at tracieandlashell.com.


Sunday, November 15th
What: Collateral Release Party
Where: Facebook
RSVP: Facebook »
I’ll be doing a takeover from 7:30-8pm to celebrate the release of J.C. Hannigan’s Collateral, the third and final book in her Collide series.

*All times are EST.

7 Things I Learned at My First Art Show

Mike with his paintings at Art in the Park. Manchester, CT. June 7th, 2015.

Mike with his paintings at Art in the Park. Manchester, CT. June 7th, 2015.

I spent Sunday in Manchester, Connecticut at the Art in the Park festival. We hung out at our booth in Center Park, soaking up sunshine—a little too much, actually 😳—and meeting with local collectors and other artists. Mike got lots of interest in his paintings, especially “Filthy Pantry” (not pictured), “Guilty” (top), and “Stand Out” (bottom). I learned a lot just from observing and walking around and chatting with other artists, and thought I’d share.

When it comes to selling art, prints are king. Lots of people were interested in “Filthy Pantry,” and a few asked about prints. If we had prints, we would have sold out. We’re doing another show in July and will definitely have prints on us.

Merchandizing and presentation is an art in itself. You can’t just throw up your tent and toss stuff around. The way that you set things up is important. You want to create an inviting atmosphere so that people feel comfortable walking in. My favorite booth was Stacy Faher‘s. Everything was organized so well and, aside from the fact that her work was gorgeous, your eyes flowed through her prints, brooches, and journals with ease. Her space was so inviting.

Greet every customer. As I’ve learned in retail, even if someone ultimately doesn’t buy, they still don’t want to be ignored when they pass by or come into your tent.

Hand out business cards and other promotional items like candy. Mike and his brother Robbie Pelletier had business cards and passed them out. Robbie also had postcard-sized prints of his art that he gave away. Business cards are like trading cards; not only do they help customers remember who you are and what you do, but they also work well for networking with other sellers at the show. We walked away with a ton of business cards from cool, like-minded people that we talked to. We hope to collaborate with them on future projects and shows.

Bring sunscreen. It was a cooler day, so I didn’t think we would need it. I didn’t bother trying to track it down and pack it. With the sun beating down on us, though, we were hot. By the time we left, Mike, Robbie, Britt, Tony, and I all had sunburns. Mike and I are bright red in a few places. I wish that I’d at least brought one of my lightweight long-sleeved shirts to throw on, and maybe a hat.

Improvise. Walking around, I noticed that no two artists had the same setup. They used all kinds of different things to display their work. Britt got shower hooks because it was so hard to find S-hooks. They came in super handy. We used them for everything.

Selling isn’t everything. Even if you don’t sell a single piece or print, the networking you do at these shows is irreplaceable. We met lots of other artists, started building Mike’s email list, and talked with a couple of people interested in buying prints once we have them. Most importantly, we had fun—even though we were tired, sweaty, and hungry by the end of the day.

Bonus tip: pack snacks and drinks. Britt saved all of our asses and brought water, Gatorade, and Red Bull. The guys ran to the store and grabbed a bunch of different chips. This lady there had amazing Italian ice.

I’m thinking about doing some of these shows for my books. I’ve done signings, but all at book stores. I think it would be interesting to see how well my paperbacks do at these shows. If not this season or in the fall, then definitely next year!

Have you ever been to or worked at an art show? What are your tips? Are you thinking about doing one for your own books? Leave a comment and let me know!

My husband Mike’s website, Art of the Soupcan, is a work in progress, but please check it out!

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