February 2018 Goals

January was a weird month. It started off slow—which I kinda enjoyed—and then a bunch of things happened. Things I still haven’t really processed, like: losing our health insurance, finding out I couldn’t buy my school’s plan because I’m an online student, finding out my state made an exception for people who lost their insurance, re-applying and being approved (which is such a relief but also so confusing to me), starting the new school mod and getting pummeled by accounting, getting approved for energy assistance, finding out the store Mike’s worked at for the past 12 years is closing and he’s going to be laid off, losing our landlord to a horrific hit and run incident…

I think I remembered everything; January was a rollercoaster, to say the least.

I also released A Disturbing Prospect, which was exciting enough but it’s been selling steadily. I think I’m starting to understand marketing. (Thankfully, because school is kicking my ass.)

I still somehow managed to accomplish my January goals, even if it wasn’t in the way I expected. Here’s what I’m aiming for in February…

  • Survive the remainder of Mod 3. I’m four weeks in, with four weeks to go. Have I mentioned that my accounting course is kicking my ass? I’ve been putting so much time into that one class, everything else has fallen by the wayside.
  • Start writing the F/F book shop romance. This is my something new, and I’m almost done outlining it. (I told you everything got shoved aside!) By the way, I’m loving Romancing the Beat. It’s made outlining so much easier, but more importantly, it’s made my story so much stronger.
  • Go for more walks. I know this is a vague goal, but there are too many variables involved to make it as specific as “walk every day” or something like that. Winter weather, for one, and the other issue is I’m not always physically up to it. But I’ve been trying, even if they’re just short walks.

What are your goals for February? How did you do on your January goals? Let me know in the comments!