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The Duke Spirit is my #1 muse for South of Forever. While creating Jett’s character, I harnessed singer Liela Moss’s vocal power and stage presence. (Jett is also part Aja Volkman, from Nico Vega.)

I first saw The Duke Spirit when they opened for Incubus in 2008. I think it was at Mohegan Sun. My friend Nikki had tickets but needed someone to go with. I’d always liked Incubus, so it was a no brainer. The second that The Duke Spirit started playing, I was immediately swept under their spell, and completely forgot about Brandon Boyd.

I bought The Duke Spirit’s album Neptune on the spot, got it signed by the band, and went home to listen to it for the first of a million times.

With their fast-paced, bluesy style, The Duke Spirit is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. They incorporate many instruments into their music, blending grunge guitar with Liela Moss’s smoky voice and smooth bass lines. On stage, they are even better, their energy commanding the crowd.

Side note: I have a huge crush on Liela. I adored her on stage, and she was very sweet in person.

It’s been a few years since they released anything new. They did a song for Batman: Arkham City, but I think they’ve been focusing on their side project, Roman Remains. Still, they’re one of my favorite bands. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Are you a fan of The Duke Spirit? What music are you currently digging? Leave me a comment and let me know!

I wasn’t sure that I was going to like Empire or any of its music at first. A trusted friend told me I had to watch this show. She and I almost always have the same taste in TV and music, so I figured I would give it a shot. Since I write about music, I thought getting a glimpse behind the scenes of the industry would be fun. I hadn’t watched a musically-oriented show since Instant Star.

Still, I was hesitant. I’m not big on today’s hip hop music. Once in a while I’ll find a gem, like Angel Haze or Saul Williams. For the most part, though, I feel like an old person. I’m constantly saying that hip hop isn’t what it used to be.

I’ll try anything once, though. I snuggled up with my laptop and started watching Empire.

I fell in love with the characters instantly. I really connected with Jamal, especially when I first heard “Good Enough.” Jussie Smollett’s vocals are rich and full of range. The lyrics are poignant and heartbreaking. I can’t say that every song on the show is as deep as “Good Enough,” but this song grabbed me and drew me further into the show. I’m pretty sure that it’s the strongest song on the soundtrack.

I burned through the first season, and now I’m eagerly awaiting the next season. I went to sleep last night with “Keep It Moving” and “Keep Your Money” stuck in my head—and it’s been over a week since I finished watching Empire. Just like back when I was a kid, Timbaland delivers hit after hit on this show. I even like “Drip Drop,” haha. I seriously can’t wait ’til the next season starts.

Have you seen Empire? What did you think of the show and the music?

I might only have one match,
but I can make an explosion

A few weeks ago, when this episode of depression was just getting started, I stopped writing. I didn’t know what was wrong yet. All I knew was that the passion inside of me had died, and that scared the shit out of me.

There’s nothing I love more than writing. My husband might even tell you that I love it more than I love him. I’ve been battling depression since I was twelve, maybe younger. Writing has saved my life, time and time again. To sit at my desk and stare at that cursor, unable to muster up the joy and love that fuel me and get those words out, was devastating.

I thought about quitting. For the first time since I started down this path, I seriously considered just walking away. Just that thought destroyed me, too.

I emailed my writer friend and critique partner Molli Moran. She sent me the link to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” At first, I thought it was just a dumb pop song. I rolled my eyes as it started, the monster inside of my brain rearing its ugly head.

“You can’t listen to this,” that monster said. “It’s way too upbeat.”

The deeper into the song I got, though, the more it reached into me. By the time its three minutes were up, I was teary—but still trying to resist. I liked the arrangement and the music. I wasn’t a huge fan of Rachel Platten’s voice. I opened myself up to it, though, and found that it helped a little.

Then I closed the tab it played in, and found something else to listen to.

In the following weeks, though, “Fight Song” kept getting stuck in my head. I started hearing it on the radio. It played during commercials on TV. It seemed to be tailing me, reminding me that I still had some fight left. Slowly but surely, I adopted it as my new mantra; when I started to feel awful, I would just sing the chorus or even just loop through it in my head.

Last night, for the first time in weeks, I sat down at my desk and wrote. I wrote 1,800 words in forty-five minutes—a new record for me!

I’m still in this episode of depression. I’m still waiting for my new medication to kick in. I no longer feel like my disease is slowly killing me, though. I feel stronger, more in control of my headspace.

This is my fight song.

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