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The Beginning of a Love Affair

I remember the first time I heard Lacuna Coil. Their song, “Swamped,” was on a sampler I’d bought for about $3 at Hot Topic. I had gone to the store to get yet another pair of what I called “bondage pants,” and while checking out, the cover of the CD caught my eye. This was when CDs were still a thing, and when the closest I got to lip gloss was black lipstick. I was obsessed with Type O Negative, but knew I needed to branch out a bit more. So, I took Metal for the Masses home with me, popped it into my boombox, and was baptized.

I had to have more Lacuna Coil. (In Flames and a few other good bands were on the sampler, too, but my heart had already been claimed.) I was captivated by their melodic, almost gothic sound, the male and female vocal interplay, and the fact that they were Italian. Even then, I was a Google junkie, and it didn’t take long for me to learn more about Lacuna Coil and memorize the names of all their current albums. Despite the fact that English was not their native language, I was also completely smitten by their lyrics. Abstract but also specific, I found that I could relate to almost all of their songs. They focused on depression and relationships. You just had to listen.

That kind of poetry pulled me in. I was tired of straightforward pop lyrics. I grew up with ’80s metal and ’90s grunge. Even though I still liked that kind of music, once I discovered metal, a whole new world opened up to me.

Even their new music, mature and cleaner in sound, still grips me.

I will never forget the way I felt the first time I heard “Swamped,” though.