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What Would a Full House Reunion Look Like?

Full House (Original pilot).jpg

“Full House (Original pilot)” by From the bonus feature of Full House: The Complete First Season DVDs. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

According to the Huffington Post, there might be a Full House reboot!

Uncle Jesse, aka John Stamos, executive producer Bob Boyett and creator Jeff Franklin are all involved in bringing a new version of “Full House” to life with Warner Bros. TV.

I was 7 when the series ended, but continued watching the reruns. I also got heavily addicted to Mary-Kate and Ashley movies. My sister Lauren, our cousins Alicia and Erika, and I had countless sleepovers stretched out in front of our great-grandmother’s TV, a stack of VHS ready to go.

Even though Full House could be cheesy at times, I adored it. I loved watching the girls grow up, and when Uncle Jesse got married to Becky and they had the twins, I just about died. I could not get enough of that show.

My guess is, if they do actually reboot it, they’ll go the Girl Meets World route: all of the kids are grown up and are raising their own children. Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ have all moved in together to help raise their own girls, with the occasional advice from their dad and uncles.

I’m pretty stoked to see the Tanner family back on TV. Those of us who watched it in the ’90s are now raising our own kids, and it would be pretty cool to share it with the next generation. Even if they don’t end up bringing it back, I know I’ll be watching the reruns with my (future) little ones.

What do you think a Full House reboot would be like? Leave your ideas in the comments!

Surviving Cancer in Your Twenties

Cancer is everywhere. You’re always hearing about some little kid or older adult who is getting chemo. You never hear about the outliers, though: the people who are getting slammed with a diagnosis right while they’re just figuring everything else out.

One of my closest friends is in her twenties. She has a young family. She works full-time and is pursuing creative dreams. A routine mammogram turned up a scary diagnosis: Stage 0 breast cancer.

How does someone so young get cancer?

My friend went through a whirlwind of tests to determine exactly what type of cancer she had and what treatment plan she needed. She barely had time to come to terms with the diagnosis when her oncologist told her that she would be getting a partial mastectomy.

In just a few months, her entire life changed. She is now in remission and will see her oncologist for the rest of her life.

My friend is strong. She’s a natural born fighter. She’s also extremely adaptable to anything that comes her way. I’ve always been in awe at how she handles life’s curveballs.

Right around the same time my friend was diagnosed, a new TV show hit the waves: Chasing Life. April, a twenty-something-year-old woman, is just starting out as a journalist when she finds out that she has leukemia. I knew right away that I had to watch this show. When the pilot aired, I parked my butt on the couch and watched in awe as April’s story unfolded.

There were so many similarities to my friend. April is a driven young woman who cares deeply for her family. She is open to falling in love, but her first priority is her family and career. Her diagnosis creeps in slowly, and she is determined to keep it a secret. Why should she let cancer destroy her life?

April quickly begins to realize that she is in over her head.

I watched the first two episodes as they aired, and then life got life-y and I kept missing new episodes. I finally caught up this past weekend, and Chasing Life just keeps getting better and better. Even though I don’t have cancer, I am inspired by April and the other characters. I adore how the writers handle the situations that April has to deal with. They don’t sugar coat anything, and even inserted some super dialogue that at times has me laughing and other times has me tearing up.

Chasing Life is a beautiful addition to my favorite shows.

In addition to tackling cancer, it also deals with other issues that twenty-somethings struggle with: romance, employment, sexual identity, loss, balancing familial obligations with independence, and more. I just adore this show and can’t get enough of it!

I love that ABC Family has started catering to us twenty-somethings. I haven’t seen Young and Hungry yet, but that one looks good, too. More and more networks have caught on that we’re hungry for good entertainment that speaks to us. Does anyone remember Raising Hope? That show was adorable. I’m sad that FOX canceled it, because it had great potential. My brother-in-law is a twenty-something single dad raising a four-year-old girl.

We need more shows for us. Yes, other TV shows are awesome (I love Grey’s Anatomy, for example), but they’re either geared for children, teens, or older adults. I hope that ABC Family paves the way for more shows for twenty-somethings.

I also hope that Chasing Life has a long run. It’s a game changer and was a major comfort to me while I was there for my friend. It showed me that everything she and I felt was completely normal.

Have you seen Chasing Life? What do you think of it?