The Stairs Between Us

After you get divorced, you’re supposed to walk away. Neither of us could.

It’s been one year since Noah left her husband, and she’s drowning. Between parenting their son, going back to school, working full-time, and writing her first novel, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Noah needs a teammate, but her ex-husband is married to his job, and that will never change.

Levi lost his whole world when his wife left him. He loves saving lives as a pediatric surgeon, but his ex-wife couldn’t accept his commitment to his patients. Now he comes home to an empty house—a reminder of the family he’ll never have again.

When Noah and Levi move into the same apartment building, it seems like an opportunity to help each other out. With only a flight of stairs between them, though, they could be closer than ever before—if they’ll just meet each other halfway.

The Stairs Between Us is a standalone contemporary romance.

Coming June 4th, 2018