Why I Don’t Love Halestorm

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Major Halestorm fans are getting ready to rip me a new one. But hang on—I didn’t say I hate them or that they suck. I said I don’t love them. And I’ve finally figured out why.

I’ve seen them play. Lzzy Hale has an arena-worthy voice. The rest of the band knows their way around their respective instruments. But on album, all of their songs are way overproduced. It’s as if someone is afraid that the raw power of Lzzy’s voice will scatter the general public like mice and get them banned from radio air waves. And that’s what I hate about the damn mainstream music industry.

I want an entire album where the band ties up their producer and mixer in a closet, and Lzzy just lets loose. Let those growls, runs and riffs, and crazy high notes out of the cage and rampage the zoo. I get shivers down my spine just imagining it. She has a metal-worthy voice. But it’ll never happen.

Their label is too comfy and I’m sure the band enjoys their mass-audience sales, too. So I’ll remain frustrated by this potential. If anyone can recommend a female vocalist backed by a thrash-y band that meets this apparently lofty plateau, please let me know.

Somewhere, Lzzy is reading this and laughing, because she’s well aware of the power she has. And maybe that’s part of their formula: let just enough of it out to draw in the aficionados, hook the masses with those catchy lyrics, and tamp it down on the board to catch the people who think Benatar, Jett, Dio, and Osbourne are the devil incarnated. Maybe they are.

Maybe they were just devilish enough to not give a fuck.

This week I’m hooked on everything Machine Head (which I’d previously dismissed and am now regretting), and basically overdosing the new Lacuna Coil album (I love Ferro’s growls interwoven with Scabbia’s contralto, and I’m really loving Folden on drums).

My “am writing” music for Just One More Minute right now consists of SZA, LIGHTS, and the Follow Your Bliss station on Spotify; it helps me get into the mood of the novel.

I listen to basically everything except country, though I’m scared getting older will suck me into the pit of the latter. Please shoot me if it does. I’ll give you the gun.

Tell me what you’re listening to in the comments!

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